Episode Guide

Episode 40: Let’s talk about business burnout

Episode 39: Can I still build a business on Instagram?

Episode 38: Ask Us Anything: Part 3

Episode 37: Automation, elimination, and delegation

Episode 36: Let’s talk about copycats

Episode 35: Ask Us Anything: Part 2

Episode 34: Ask Us Anything: Part 1

Episode 33: What does it actually look like to build community online?

Episode 32: Mailing List Q&A

Episode 31: Should I invest in my business when it isn’t making any money yet?

Episode 30: Building your creative business during maternity leave

Episode 29: Let’s talk about financial uncertainty when you’re self employed

Episode 28: Instagram Rapid Fire Q&A

Episode 26: Do I have to be authentic and deep on Instagram to succeed?

Episode 25: When you're not sure what you want to do next

Episode 24: To niche or not to niche?

Episode 23: When you’re afraid that you’re never going to make it happen

Episode 22: How can I make working from home more enjoyable?

Episode 21: Let's talk about comparison

Episode 20: Should I leave behind my business for a new and exciting opportunity?

Episode 19: Let’s talk about podcasting

Episode 18: When your course doesn’t sell like you hoped it would

Episode 17: How can I discover new dreams after building a successful business?

Episode 16: Let's talk about money mindset

Episode 15: Building your creative business alongside a day job

Episode 14: Should I start a side hustle to support my full time business?

Episode 13: How can I organically grow my following online?

Episode 12: There is more than one way to do meaningful work in the world

Episode 11: Can I stay true to myself on Instagram while also being strategic?

Episode 10: How to find the courage to share your creative work

Episode 9: What do I charge for and what do I give away for free?

Episode 8: Let’s talk about pricing and knowing your worth

Episode 7: When you have a blog but not a business yet

Episode 6: How do you know when you're ready to take the leap?

Episode 5: When it feels like there's just never enough time in the day

Episode 4: Let’s talk about running a business when you live with a chronic illness

Episode 3: When you're the object of someone's envy and comparison

Episode 2: Let's talk about Instagram anxiety

Episode 1: You are so much more capable than you think you are